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Product FAQ

    Can I use Me Time Repairing Mask if I'm having sensitive skin?

    Yes, you can! Our Me Time Repairing Mask is sensitive skin friendly and pregnancy-safe. Our Me Time Repairing Mask is a plant-based product with natural ingredients. It is designed to suit all skin types. 

    However, everyone has different skin allergic reactions. Thus, we suggest you apply a small amount of the product to your forearm or behind your ear as an allergy patch test. 

      What do I do if I have an allergic reaction?

      If you experience any allergic reaction, kindly contact our customer service support. 

      -Please provide your order number & product purchased that caused you to have allergy 

      -Describe to us about your allergic reaction/symptoms. 

      Patch Testing a Sheet Mask

      Kindly cut a small part of the corner of the package and squeeze out some essence. Apply it on the side of your cheek. Tightly seal the package back up and store it in the fridge. After a few minutes, if you get an itchy or irritating sensation from the essence, wash your face with water and a gentle cleanser. 

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